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The difference between a rich and poor person

A Poor person may ask how can I afford?

A rich person may ask how can I offer?

What is the difference between these responses of the rich person and a poor person?

I am not referring to wealth status however wealth is simply a facet of the consciousness of each individual.

The responses from each as mentioned above is a variable of frequency. When we inquire how can we afford, it drops us an octave towards the feelings of helplessness, loss, confusion, desperation. When we choose this option it leads us down a path of unknowing and fear. Victim hood.

However the latter namely “ how can I offer” is a higher energetic frequency of service that brings forth connection, generosity, clarity, and love. When we go down this path, the feelings of choice is manifest, and we see the world filled with opportunity and equality.

To the casual observer the obvious answer is that the poor man has no resources to afford to give away and that the rich person is obviously filled with abundance to be able to offer. Yet this is not a casual question and requires quiet contemplation to unfold the deeper meaning of what makes one rich or poor.

It is not finances. I know plenty of rich persons were are poor with their insights, their generosity, their character, their loyalties, who would be unwilling to offer their time or effort towards anything that has meaning in life and more so claim they cannot afford the luxury of the same. And yet equally I have seen poor persons who can more than afford generously their time, effort and the labors of their lives to offer a service.

When we observe this difference of rich and poor and see that either one is intermixable depending on the idea of “offer “and “afford “and we alter our predetermined judgements of each and so can transcend this level of awareness, we then come out on the other side with gratitude.

The status of a rich or poor does not determine the ability to afford or to offer, it is the frequency of the balanced heart that makes this bold request.

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