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Roots of the virus


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist

There has been a deep longing of expression in each of us that is being revealed at this pivotal moment in human history

This is the expression of fear.

It is when I owned the traits of this virus much was illuminated as I traced back deep into my roots and uncovered the shadows of the fears.

We have been loving with fear for so long that it is become part of who we are.

We have become fearful of everything, and everyone, suspicious to the core.

We too are the virus, we too are fearful, we too spread fear.

Yet it is time to transcend our fears as a collective

Our fear of belonging, our fear of loving, our fear of being loved, our fear of being judged, fear of living authentically.

Our fear of opening up our heart to others, our fear of connection, our very real fear of living.

Our fear of reaching out to others, our fear of reaching out the stars, our fear of reaching deep within.

It is a time to harness our strength and discover the joys of living, the joy of loving and the joys of being present and embodied into this moment.

It is a time to unite us all in a global conspiracy of goodness.

It is a time to create responsibly

It is a time to connect with love

It is a time to love with an open heart.

It is a time to recognize that part of us that we have disowned.

We have become the very virus that we fear, yet we have the antidote within our open heart.

It is in BEing that we discover our BEcoming.

It is in stepping into our own divine humanity that we overcome that which we have created globally out of fear , and transform it into love.

It is about navigating our way home.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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