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Celebratioms continue


Shifting gears……

Everyday another day goes by with the quarantine and restrictions of social distancing.

We may feel conflicted, or be in conflict.

We may feel fearful, or be in fear

We feel that the world has a come to a stand still as many are jobless, or stay at home due to the scary virus or many may feel that life is just stuck at the moment.

Time has not stopped. Nor are we at the end of the world, nor is the day of reckoning here.

Deaths continue and so do births.

The circle of life continues.

We continue to quietly celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, friendship anniversaries, the beginning of spring and Easter.

When we feel things are actually stuck, look at the things that are still continuing and see the beauty of flow of milestone celebrations.

To that end I celebrate today my wedding anniversary with wifey Nitika Bhatnagar

Thank you for supporting me throughout all my crazy ideas and adventures of learning, my lifestyle modifications, my social experiments, my ambitious ideas of consciousness awareness and healing. And my many moods

Thank you for challenging me to grow with your crazy ideas and adventures of learning, your lifestyle modifications and social experiments and your ambitious ideas of consciousness awareness and healing, and your many moods.

I love you more each day, and am indeed blessed to have you with me on this life journey of love and light.

I love you in more ways that you imagine.

I love you for you. Would not have you change in any way.

Happy Anniversary !!

Looking forward to the next 100 years.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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