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Dodging the Corona storm


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist

We are very good at using masks these days

We are very good at using gloves that do little to prevent the spread of infection as we touch our gloved hands to our face, purse, trolley,keys, door handles, Inside of the cars etc.

We are very good at freaking each other out and trying to practice social distancing through fear

We are very good at staying indoors yet constantly being outside walking around

Yet despite attempting to be very good at trying to dodge the little virus and give ourselves this false sense of security by obsessive behavior how do we know we ARE REALLY DODGING the virus.

I mean it can be on any glass,metal, or plastic surface for days.

How do we evade the elevator button, the door handles, the faucet knobs in the bathrooms, the light switch, the contamination on our shoes etc?

What if we had the ability to have Superman’s microscopic vision? What would we see?

Where is the Covid 19 NOT is my question?

How does one escape the rain drops or the snow flakes falling ?

Are we not to open our windows?

How do we even begin to navigate this storm when the virus can float into our homes as our neighbor who stands outside sneezes?

Some questions to think about.

In the meantime stay at home if you can, yet also realize that this virus is quite possibly everywhere.

Our greatest fear is already realized, it has spread everywhere. Just because we dont see it, doesn’t mean it may not be there.

So knowing that truth why are you afraid?

When you see things AS THEY ARE, rather than what we wish them to be, we reduce the uncertainty and reduce the fear, the stress.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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