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No boundaries


Perspectives of the Intuitive Cardiologist

There is one major item that this virus has taught me.

There are no boundaries

In our minds and beliefs we impose limitations on ourselves and see each other as different.

We want to see each person as unique and different and so we create boundaries of race, color, gender, place of origin, religion, social status, economic worth, sexual orientation and so on.

The list of what divides us is as large as our egos to keep us separate. We will literally exclude someone based on their hair color or the way they speak, or where they are from even if it from the next town over.

Yet this virus has shown us that there are no boundaries.

No place on earth is devoid of this experience.

No being on earth is not being effected by this situation at the moment.

We have crossed every political and geographic boundary.

We have crossed every socioeconomic boundary

We have crossed all genders, races, religions.

So powerful was this virus that the world in my opinion no longer has any lines drawn, yet is a complete sphere

This virus no longer divides us

So imagine for a moment that if this virus can cross all boundaries

Can LOVE also not do the same thing?
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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