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I am the virus


Perceptions of the Intuitive Cardiologist

I am the coronavirus !!!!

Yes you read that right.

Amongst all the youtube videos of fear mongering and the constant media reminder of the deaths and infections and the lack of this or the lack of that, especially the lack of personal protection equipment that started after the concern for lack of food, money, and toilet paper, there is something else to offer.

I decided to own all the traits of this virus.

Why? Because when I do not understand something or someone, I tend to fear them.

I owned 112 traits or characteristics of this virus to the point I did not fear or hate this invisible life form.

I simply identified every possible quality I could think of.

Few examples. And for each trait I found over 25-50 times I had done the same

The virus is invasive. When have I been invasive in a conversation or mannerism with a temper tantrum.

The virus spreads quickly. When have I had my ideas of inspiration or conspiracy spread quickly amongst groups that I conversed with.

The virus adapts. When have I adapted to new environmental changes or work schedules or family dynamics.

The virus is small. When have I also played small in my life and not chosen to be seen.

The virus is unique, I owned my own uniqueness in all areas of life

The virus takes from others. When have I taken from others

The virus remains hidden. When have I remained hidden with my thoughts , and ideas.

The virus multiplies rapidly. When have I multiplied with my thoughts and writings

When I was done, I had tears of gratitude for this virus.

Spare me the righteous indignation about the killing spree this virus has been on, for humans have done far worse since we came down from the trees.

This was the truest gratitude for this organism in that it taught me more about myself than I had chosen to realize at a deeper fundamental level.

There is no fear for me regarding this virus.

When you too are on the level playing field of that which you once admired or despised, there is no fear.

It is only that which we do not fully understand or appreciate is what we resent and fear.

I am the virus.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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