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Self govern or be governed?


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist.

The corona virus is a specific virus that effects many organ systems once fully infiltrated yet specifically attacks the lungs and throat.

The throat burning sensations, the choking, and the eventual destruction of the lungs are all unfortunate key factors in this micro invasion.

Yet what does this attack represent?

What does this illness tell us about our body?

When our psychology is out of balance, our physiology takes over to show us where we are imbalanced.

So disease or illness is a powerful feedback mechanism to allow us to understand our perceptions.

In the field of energetic medicine and in many other non traditional medicinal arts dating back 1000s of years, the lungs represent the container of life breath.

When our lungs are damaged with various pulmonary disease it represents frustration at not living up to our authentic selves.

Our throats being afflicted represents not being able to speak up and out our truths.

So in my opinion this virus, as deadly as it is, is also showing us where we are frustrated in our lives and unable to speak up and live our authentic inspired selves.

When we subordinate to big government we surrender our voice to speak up against injustice

When we subordinate to the pharmaceutical world, we are then told what drugs to take by the medical community without ever first tuning in to ask our body what it really wants or needs.

When we subordinate to the religious community, we do not allow ourselves to directly access our divinity and need “middle men” and their interpretation of the divine spark within each of us.

It is our collective frustrations that we feel and our inability to speak up to who we really are, that is being reflected back to us through this pandemic.

If we cannot self govern our emotions and live empowered lives, then we will be governed by external paradigms and live disempowered lives.

This does not mean that we start to take to the streets in protests, nor do we abandon the medical community as it desperately provides care, nor does it mean that we for go our sense of community through religious connections.

It means that in each moment of our lives, we live authentically to our higher Selves.

We choose to live and love our hearts desires with integrity, honesty, self accountability, and inspiration.

If we do not take responsibility for our own lives who is going to do that for us?

Government, pharmacia, or our religion?

Who will regulate us if we do not self regulate ?

Our lack of self empowerment is corded directly with our evolving consciousness as we now stand frustrated and without voice, isolated in our homes.

the virus shows us this with great reverence.

Perhaps while we are “trapped” at home we spend the time to understand our choices. Yes that’s it…..OUR choices.

Each of us has that unique gift of free will.

What do you plan to do with your free will when you come out into the light of day with the second chance of breathing air back into your lungs.

What will you speak when you are given the opportunity to do so?

YOUR TRUTH and AUTHENTICITY or subordinate to someone else’s free will……
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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