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Nature begins to heal


With this lock down on a global scale we have humanity finding itself indoors for the most part and not outdoors.

There is a profound and deep shift that is occurring outdoors.

Without cars continuously streaming the roads, there is an eery silence. This has awakened the songs of the birds that can be heard in the stillness.

Looking carefully more animals are returning to explore outside

Without the pollution of the cars or planes scouring the skies, the air is more breathable and in fact in most cities it is clearer to see the blue sky

Without the pollution of humans the rivers and the seas are retuning to their beautiful blue lustre as noted by many on the shore lines

With more people indoors the public trashcans are not overflowing leading to less waste.

With less travel the waste generated by transport on land, air and sea is reduced.

Visibility has tremendously increased with reports of this all over the world, especially in cities that were heavily polluted.

I am sure this is being transformed with more electricity bills as more people stay indoors and use their devices and home electricity and eventually more energy usage or perhaps its about the same if they were at work.

Somehow I am inspired to see that humanity is pushed back into its primeval cave as nature is coming alive and being given a chance to reset and repair itself.

It goes to show how much of a devastating influence we humans have on our planet that nature to self preserve, spawns a virus to have us stop and pause, just so that she can reset her balance.

I am reminded in this moment to rethink my own carbon footprint and behaviors and habits so as not to slip back into my destructive routine when all this settles out and we return to normality.

I hope that this experience is a wake up call for us all to alter our mindless normality and become more mindful and create a less hurried, more appreciated view on how we have the gift of reality and can make a change in the world by shifting our own consciousness.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Your words are soothing to the spirit. I have experienced, within the last few weeks, people being more considerate and kind to each other.

    Yes, Mother Nature has to reset, to put us humans back in line with all the other creatures who inhabit this magnificent planet.

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