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Busy week

I never realized that I would one day be able to bridge the 2 healing worlds of cardiology and the non traditional medicine

To open the heart one doesnt just use a scalpel….

Gratitude is the way to explore the depths of the human heart

Been an amazing week of service and healing packed with love…. (apart from daily cardiologyn

• Completed the “Putting the Love back in Relationships ” workshop with 2 beautiful souls

• Helping 1: 1 clients discover their inner radiance

• Completed the first Alchemy of Consciousness Seminar “What is Healing?”

• Completed a podcast interview on a remarkable show by renowned energy healer Tonya Dee

• Finishing up an interview for a promotional video on the Science of Fasting

The universe asked, so I responded

Expand, grow, evolve and explore the future with gratitude and love
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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