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Path of fasting #2

My path of Fasting #2

Today is well into Day 11

After the WHY do you do it, the next question I am asked is how do you feel doing it

So Thought I would give a little run down of my journal

Day 1 felt great. Having been quite used to 24 hour fasts did not feel bad. A few pangs of hunger briefly but overall fine

Day 2 Felt fine till I crossed 36 hours.. then felt weak, light headed. But pushed through LOTS of water

Day 3 was the worst .. Thought I was really in bad shape and wasn’t going to make it. Thanks to the encouragement of my 8 year old I pushed on And I complete the last day of poop.

Day 4 Surprisingly a resurgence of energy level. Hunger was gone. Tidied up the house in record time.

Day 5 went to work no problem

Day 6 While driving my vision became clearer and crisper. My peripheral vision expanded.

Day 7 my memory improves ! Belly fat mobilizing

Day 8 My mental acuity is sharper and faster. ( meantime checking my Blood sugars daily and they are all stable in the 70s. And consistent every day

Day 9 Little hungry but it passes. Felt cold in the body from Day 4 till present ( weekend )

Day 10 Doing well Energy level still good and holding without being exhausted. ( weekend)

Day 11 back to work like usual no change. Mental faculties sharp, energy level 20/20

The only drawback for me ( and everyone is different ) is that I was cold at times ( but then again we have had a very cold spell of 9 to 20 degree weather, dry mouth, and little more irritability

The interesting thing is that fat cells hold cellular memory. And as I have been losing some weight, so far 10 lbs, the emotions that have been laying dormant have been coming up to healed.

The emotions are being released as the fat cells break up releasing old hurts, wounds, triggers, feelings. Journaling them, meditating on them and processing them has been an amazing journey of self discovery and self governance.

The path continues.
I love you

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