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Path of fasting 1

My path of Fasting #1

Today is Day 9. No Food Only Water

I thought I would create a mini series of articles to explore the concept of fasting.

I am well versed in the art of Intermittent fasting yet I have only ever maximally done 32 hours.

This is the first time doing continuous fasting.

SO The biggest question I get asked more than how is the why.

WHY are you doing this ?

So here goes.

1 To help stabilize my blood sugars
2 To regulate and reset my hormones
3 Reset my gut biome
4 Heal any gut inflammation and ergo any joint inflammation
5 Clear my mind, so that I can have even greater clarity of thought
6 See what my will power can do
7 Take on one of the greatest challenges I have ever done, great over the primal fear of lack of food. ( If I can do this, it stands to reason that I can do anything)
8 Reduce some stubborn belly fat that has been sitting there for the last 40 years
9 Become more present with myself ( when the feeling of omg where is my next meal coming from… breathing through it and coming back to the moment)
10 Uncluttering my mind of the constant thoughts of food, the next meal, what do I eat, how it is made etc)
11 Being more mindful of the motion of eating and not it being a reflexive habit of eating anything and everything ( i.e. Being the garbage disposal for the kids lefts overs or grabbing the donut mindlessly that is looking at me on the office lunch room)
12 Resetting my bodily functions ( more on this in the next article discussing the benefits of fasting)
13 making better choices when I do break my fast, by understanding the work I have done to establish a clean slate what do I want to explore my body to.
14 Food can be a source of nutrition but it is also a habit mechanism to hide the fears, disappointments, failures, inadequacies etc, so by fasting I push past the food to uncover these issues and deal with them authentically.
15 If I am not eating then I save the time to explore my time more efficiently as I am not focussing on food
16 Push past other mindless habits like eating, spending time on the device screen,
17 overcoming the apathy of not doing anything but unlocking the fear of success.

There were lots more reasons, some I will cover in benefits

It is safe to report that I am well and making strides in the above.

It is not that I cannot eat, it is that I choose not to.

Mind body and consciousness back in sync.

Stay tuned
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Thanks very much for this affirming lists of benefits and reasons for fasting.
    As a fellow practitioner of intermittent fasting, I agree with you.
    I would add that this process is in no way painful or requiring anything more
    than simple mind watching over action—conscious brain watching over unconscious.
    Your body actually wants you to do this, and will appreciate and reward you for it.

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