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Interesting story

The other day I am having a conversation with my 8.5 year old son

Back drop of the story…. He was to go for a gymnastics competition out of state but then life circumstances prevented that from happening.

The topic came up again.

I said ” Well good thing you did not go, you would have hated it” and I walked towards another room.

My son without missing a beat or even turning around says ” You should never doubt what you are never sure about”

I stopped in my tracks.

He was right.

I was marveled by this insight reflecting back to me.

How can I be certain of anything that I doubt?

It is only through the doubt that the questions are asked and the answers are revealed.

When we can see the balance of the factors causing the doubt only then can the equation be solved and certainty in the answer be obtained.

What gives us doubt?

Lack of enough information about the subject?

An old memory of the past that brought us this doubt?

A fear of a future outcome that will bring us doubt?

It is in clarity of the moment and situation that dispels the doubt and the certainty is born.

It is the certainty that propels us to the future with grace and poise.

Thank you my little teacher wizard, I learn something new from you everyday

He is the universe in action
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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