Its not just a polite greeting with a head wobble as most people like to imitate.

Its a hindu greeting welcoming one person or a group of individuals.

There is a deep spiritual meaning to it.

The fingers all clasped and the palms together, it refers to the 5 senses brought together as one and offered to the person in front.

It literally means ” I bow to you”

Yet not in subservience.

But more referring to the ” divinity within me welcomes the divinity within you ”

it is a powerful gesture that goes beyond the visceral.

It embodies the heart, mind, and soul in that moment of presence to honor the sacredness of the soul in front, guised in physical flesh.

It is also a very easy and efficient and highly effective way of not transmitting germs through physical contact !!

So perhaps in this flu wretched, and corona virus scared winter months of respiratory illnesses, a polite NAMASTE will help welcome your guest and keep you and your family germ free !!



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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