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Circling the drain

Think about this for a minute as we happily sit on our front porch watching the sun rise drinking our daily brew.

This sun at the center of our solar system is dragging our planets and the others as they elliptically spiral around the sun in the outer arms of our galaxy.

This same galaxy is rotating around a black hole at its own center, and everything is gravitating towards it like circling a drain to an eventual destruction. The hole is slowly annihilating everything….. asteroids, stars, planets, suns and star systems.

We are all heading to an eventual destruction. Us, Our planet, our sun, our solar system, all circling the drain. We are not in a trajectory of expansion, but gravitation.

What are you going to do with the time you have left? What are you going to do to radiate your potential beyond the gravity of our black hole to make a difference ?

Think about it.

Back to your brew. Have a great day
I Iove you

Author: Brown Knight

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