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Full moon and lunar eclipse


And just like that we enter the corridor of awakenings, and powerful full moon and eclipse season.

WE are in for a wild and emotional ride in January. ( as we can already see with global and climactic events.

Full moons are beautiful gateways that we can access through their expanded electromagnetics. They afford us the opportunity to open up to what we choose to create.

The eclipses are bonus catalysts in this process, where the effects of the full moon are amplified and magnified.

During eclipse seasons the Nodes of Fate ( North and south nodes) occur which are lessons of the past and the fate of our future are activated by the moon.

This full moon known as the wolf moon brings closure to the shifting that had occurred in dec 26 last year with the solar eclipse. Now bringing more clarity..

It is time to grow up, become accountable to your dreams and bring them forth with ever increasing clarity.

What was brought up in the shadows from last month is now to be let go and what was brought forth with intention is time to be launched.

The full moon brings about projects to a head or to a conclusion with shedding light with clarity, yet the eclipse brings about the unpredictability of realizations.

This is where the magic lies in letting go and discovering what is in store next, and then moving forward with certainty.

It will feel scary, emotionally nerve racking, but allowing to ride these waves is key.

It is called the Wolf Moon as it symbolizes the wise wolf navigating us out of the winter hibernation with intelligence, loyalty, freedom, and social connections. The wolf is a sacred animal with enormous ancient wisdom.

To this end I have created a potent invocation to help you navigate this awesome gateway. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply x3 and then allow your breath to be natural and repeat the following 3x

” I am blessed for who I am

I am blessed for what I am

I return back to Source all that was needed to be healed with Love

I welcome from Source my Light with Love

I seek the wisdom and the knowing within

I begin anew with purpose and certainty

I embrace my shadows with Love and Light

I open up my gifts with Love and Light

I am whole and complete

I am ready to welcome the year ahead.”
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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