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Life architects

1. What happens when you have a car but no idea how to drive it or even a license?

2. What happens when you have a license and knowledge of how to drive it but no car?

Answer: you are unable to get to your destination.

This happens to most of us at some point in our lives. We get stuck.

In scenario 1. We have the tools available to us to be able to come out of our mental, spiritual, or emotional fog yet no guidance of how to do so. It is essential to have the right people to help teach and guide us to navigate the roads of life with safety and wisdom in this endeavor.

In scenario 2. We have some knowledge but no vehicle or experience to be able to land that opportunity, job, relationship or be able to get to where we would like to go. Again it is essential to have the right guides and teachers to be able to make the journey successful.

My wife Nitika Bhatnagar and I are those kinda people.

We are life architects.

We have dedicated our lives to assist people not only to find their vehicle in order to navigate their lives but also teach them the tools needed to steer them in the right direction.

With over 10 years of expertise in personal transformations, and lifestyle creations we bring forth to the experience a more profound understanding of ones place in the universe, self discovery of purpose and how potent of an impact each of us has on the planet.

We are available for 1:1 consultations, group workshops, professional workshops and seminars and coming soon teaching conferences.

If you would like a 30 minute complimentary session to explore how we can help you become more self empowered, successful, abundant, in your relationships, home or professional careers please contact either one of us through fb messenger or via www.wheelsofthemind.com

We would love to chat with you.

With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom,

Drs. Nitin and Nitika Bhatnagar

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