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Solar eclipse

Christmas magic continues with the solar eclipse portal today.

This is a powerfully fortuitous moment to be able to create intentions for the upcoming year ahead.

Setting them with balance, thoughts of growth in all parts of life, and grounding them into reality will be key.

As will the feeling and belief of them coming to fruition in the timeline.

We propel ourselves into a higher awakened consciousness as we let go of past wounds and step into our own light of understanding and awareness.

It is the collapsing of old timeline programming and embodying the intention that sets it into motion.

Solar eclipses are like new moon and they too open up portals to higher dimensional consciousness.

A new path is shown with a new thought or feeling. Honor it.

It will then shift into new practical action steps. Do not be afraid to explore it.

This eclipse then enhances the path with new energy and allows it to become manifest. How we embody it is up to us. Either with Trust and self worth or with fear and misperceptions which lead to the download to stall.

Next few days will afford us the chance to feel through these emotions. Best with clarity.

We will be experiencing healing on multiple levels including the healing of our inner child, calling us to transcend many deeply rooted patterns.

Let go of unhealthy habits, dynamics and thought patterns.

It is time to level up, rise up and embrace our heart’s desire by aligning our heart frequency to the frequency of the solar eclipse.

Quiten the mind and feel time slow down and feel the magic of the season and the energy of the gateway.

Be open to the shift, awakening energetic flow and be ready to ride the cosmic waves of harmony.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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