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Conservation with my 4 y old

Conversation with my 4y old

I have many conversations with my daughter at 4am. Why ? Because that’s when she wakes up and believes it is the perfect time to engage in random discussions of her choice.

Daughter: Daddy time to wake up

ME: groan

Daughter: I am hungry

ME: Its too early for you to be hungry, goto sleep

Daughter: Put food in my belly

ME: is this an Austin powers rerun? Please goto sleep

Daughter: I am hungry

ME: I heard you the first 30 times, Its too early just goto sleep

Daughter: I cant find my sock

ME: Forget the sock goto sleep

Daughter: I want to play with my brother

ME: WHAT? No No Please dont wake him up too

Daughter: The sun is up

ME: No the sun is not up that is the light from the street, now goto sleep

Daughter: get up get up


Daughter: I have to poop.

ME: ( sigh) Lets goto the bathroom.

And so begins my day. Poop, brush teeth, making toast for her and watching the sun rise.

Moral of the story. You never know where a conversation is going to go. Always be prepared. Sometimes it is fun trying to figure it out. Sometimes it is not. 4am. Not.

But I love her regardless


I love you

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