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Empowering oneself

There are times when we see life and it gives us little nudges that we are not doing what we love and yet have to pay our bills and go through the motions.

There are times when we wake up each morning to the same routine and yet do not feel any happier or more content .

There are times when we make no progress in our life and so feel stuck and still can’t shift out or find another path. This leads to questioning and second guessing ourself when things go wrong without ever knowing what and where the correct path may lie.

There are times where we may even get angry at others because they are the perceived cause of our misery and so each day passes by, wondering whether we will ever feel alive and reach joy.

And so like an abandoned ship in a vast ocean, there I was drowning.

When I first started to feel that way, it was always everyone else’s fault for the way I was feeling. It was always someone else’s problem for the way my day was unfolding. I felt miserable. My mental and physical health was ailing, till one day I decided to take back the reins of my life and do something about it.

In the past few years I have studied, learned and found techniques and methods to get past many of these issues. I did it not just so that I may become positive and happy, yet more to discover a path where each moment is conscious, balanced and empowered and so I worked towards my inspired mission and destiny.

At present, I want to teach you these same tools that I have learned and would like you to start shining your light on your path and discover your purpose, so that you too can live an empowered life.

Looking forward to helping you secure your chosen future.

With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom,

Dr Nitin Bhatnagar
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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