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Full moon October 2019

Welcome to an amazing full moon experience tonight.

The 2019 October Hunters Moon.

As the tension has been rising in relationships, work, family life, this full moon helps release the pressure build up with beautiful divine light. We have all been exploring self limiting beliefs and questions that have plagued us with increasing intensity. As we open and surrender ourselves to this light we are guided to release those cords and open the doors of opportunity.

To this end I have created a powerful invocation for this experience.

Get comfortable, breathe, and repeat 3x

” AS I step into my light, I cut all cords of old beliefs, limitations, and old paradigms that no longer serve,

I release old triggers, old emotions, old patterns of scarcity,

I release that which is not mine

I release my fears and doubts,

I release all that is not in alignment with my highest self for the greatest good

I clear all old programming from my energetic fields

I transmute them now with love and light

I allow my heart and mind to be one.

I integrate the light into me

I welcome my future opportunities of abundance and expansion in to the Light that I am”
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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