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Your voice

There are times when we feel our voice is not heard.

We may speak intensely, or with louder tones, or even with more focus with hand gestures or maintain eye contact etc. yet not be heard. It is as if our audience turns a deaf ear, and more over thrives to prevent us from speaking.

Remember that they are not necessarily attempting to silence us because what we have to say is to be ignored or irrelevant, nor that our very voice does not matter..

It is more that they are trying to silence the power with which we speak. This happens in relationships at home, in families, at work, in society, in government, in social media and so on.

It is to be remembered that our voice is our expression of our individuality. It is the essence of who we are, and our ideas in linguistic form. It is our voice that carries the power of our heart. It is our voice that is the manifestation of our experience as a soul in physical form.

Treasure your voice. Do not let anyone take it away or silence you. ” Shut up” is a term to disempower you of your own expression.

Speak up

Speak out.

Do not let silence be louder than your inner song
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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