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Full moon

Full moon magic arrives in the form of a Snow moon. This moon is second of the 3 super full moons of 2019. A powerful blast of cosmic energy is impacting us for the beginning part of this year january through march. It has the gift of unleashing our full potential as we begin to see our wounds in a new light. We also can confer upon us the permission to complete the unfulfilled opportunities that beckon our minds door every day.

Many of us have been feeling tired and sleepy, drained and exhausted, as the energetic moon brings forth the confusions to be resolved. Cutting open the mental and psychic wounds to be set free allows for better healing.

To this end I have created a powerful invocation to help you harness the energy of this moon.

” In the infinity of this energy, I am where I am meant to be

I am complete and whole as I am

I open myself to the higher wisdom within

I listen for the knowledge all around me

I trust this power and intelligence

I let go of the fears that no longer serve my purposes

I welcome the answers to my questions as healing to my wounds

I recharge my energy centers and awaken my soul and revitalize my physical

I am complete and whole as I am

I am in the right time and then right space.

I am love”

Repeat x3
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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