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Warning choking hazard

Throughout my life I have had the chance to speak up. Yet there are plenty of times I was “forced to keep silent”. Not live my own truths. These times have taken me along avenues that I did not necessarily intend to pursue. Thankfully the universe continues to guide me and remind me of my mission and vision to course correct and find my way back to authenticity.

I find myself falling into the blaming game for missed opportunities or trying to desperately rationalize why my life is the way it is, and in doing so make excuses for myself that it is the fault of others that things turned out the way they did. When I am out of sync with myself I seek outside sources to be the causes of my failures or the reasons why I am not living up to a particular mark.

Sometimes these goals and marks that I create for myself are based in fantasy. Sometimes I hold onto the nightmares of my life and to feel safe create the outside voices as being the monsters that hold me chained and bonded to a reality not of my choosing.

However if I succumb to the external and not listen to the internal I am unable to release my own inner voice of that which I would love to sing. When I make the voices of others louder than the voice of myself I choke up and do not live congruently to what I value the most. It comes to a point that the external influences become a choking hazard to my future endeavors. Remember that everyone offers advice to others based on their own values.

I so will Listen to the deepest knowing that speaks to me from beyond the stars. That which lies within my heart is what will propel me to the future of my soul.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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