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Inspirational tree

Wanted to share with you an idea on imagination and inspiration 

There is an image that has been stuck in my mind that has given me great pause for reflection. It a creation of makeshift Christmas tree for our Crossfit gym party at Crossfit Swarm. It was the brain child of Coach Paul lentini and completed with the assistance of Coach Bill Anjos. Its construction though simple and elegant served its purpose for the celebrations.

It consisted of various weighted colorful plates as the base, with a solitary 45 pound bar in the center to represent the truck of the tree, and red stretchy exercise bands for the bulk of the tree. It was then decorated with lights. Pretty. Decorative. Festive.

But it got me thinking. If a real christmas tree was already there then this invention would not have been necessary. So necessity is the mother of invention. Without creating a void there would have been no need or desire to create something of value. Without the void there is no imagination that leads to an inspired creation. If you go back throughout history or through your own life and discover anything that you have created of value has been born from a void. Whether it be better health by going to the gym its because of a lack of good health that this desire to become healthy was born. One may become an entrepreneur, perhaps from the void of management of personal finances or the need to grow ones finances. 

Perhaps the desire to get an education in certain areas, due to a void in knowledge that fueled the value of becoming proficient in that area. There are countless examples in our everyday lives that we become inspired to cook, create, learn, or manifest all due to these voids that we are presented with in our lives. It is in the depths of these voids does our imagination come alive to become bigger, greater and expand ourselves into a field of abundance and growth. 

I never underestimate where my inspiration comes from, I am just cognizant to never remain stagnant and let my void take me over, instead face my challenges each day with love, gratitude and wisdom. 

“Imagination is the bridge between the void of the mind and the value of the heart to create inspiration”-Dr Nitin Bhatnagar

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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