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Dr Alvin

Heading to bed,flipping through photos of christmas I found a last reminder note written by Alvin the Elf and some more helpful seasonal wisdoms …

he signed it “Dr Alvin”… oh this elf !!!

” Helpful tips for the season.

– Wash your hands

– Stay hydrated

– Smile more

– Look up at the stars often

– Talk to trees

– Dont wait to start anything your heart desires

-Share your journey with others

-Stop worrying about anything

-Pause and Breathe

-Be silly at least once a day

– Eat right, exercise often, rest regularly

-Take pictures of special occasions, but enjoy them too.

– Be grateful

-Remember who you are…..Beautiful.

– Never underestimate the magic around you.

-You are worthy of love, always.

-Wash your hands

Dr Alvin

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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