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At times we are faced with challenges that are unexpected. We are thrust into areas of responsibility that we may have been unprepared or scared. Whether the death of loved one, or taking over the position of a superior or face situations in life that may have appeared too daunting.

Stepping into bigger shoes takes a leap of faith and courage. More over it forces responsibility and accountability. Whatever the task, the challenge only presents itself when the universe knows we are ready to face it.

When we believe that the person’s “shoes to fill” are too big it is because we believe that the person was greater than us. We keep them higher than us on a pedestal. Yet if we stand to discover the traits that this person displayed to make us feel they were superior and own them, we then uncover their humanity and ours in the process and restore our minds to balance.

They say that it we do not understand another person till we “walk in their shoes.” I beg to differ. It is only until we walk in their feet, is when we truly can understand another human being.
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Author: Brown Knight

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