Alvin and his Elfish wisdom

When you wake up in the morning imagine creating goals so high and big that your brain cannot even wrap itself around it….

This little exercise helps to expand your mind and heart.

Imagine feeling that illness and disease is replaced entirely by good health in your body

Imagine that you are now completely financially independant beyond all odds

Imagine that you are intellectually able to accumulate vast knowledge through reading 5 books a week

Imagine you are able to friend everyone in the world

By doing this you discover that since your mind is capable of great imagination, your heart realizes it has the capacity to do anything.

Self limiting and ceiling beliefs are broken

Now you can begin to work towards making that dream a reality with clearer directing and practical step by step directions to achieve your desire based in reality

Things are as they are… yet everything is achievable as long as you believe they are… the problem is that we dont believe big enough as we limit ourselves..

I mean who would have thought an obese aging man dressed up in a red jolly outfit can deliver gifts to every child on the planet in a night in an undersized sleigh powered by animals, magic and love.

If only fed ex had such a grand vision 😁

You can do anything…just believe…
I love you

Author: Brown Knight


  1. This was perfect today as I do what I can to allow a fellow human to understand we create this beautiful reality we experience each day !! It’s utterly amazing the limitations some place on themselves and look at me like I’m crazy …

    • Never worry about what someone else will say when you live authentically from your highest truth

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