Every day there are struggles in the home, yet these homes are crowded with angels.

Everyday there are struggles in the streets, yet these streets are crowded with angels.

Everyday the heart is burdened with deep struggles, yet the heart is crowded with angels.

We feel that struggles that are outside of us are not our problems and distance ourselves from them, yet there is always support that is provided by a balanced universe. Like angels, unseen.

When the pain comes to roost within, it feels like the whole world is in flames, yet the unseen angels of support are always there.

Comforting, aiding, grounding.

When we look up at the heavens and are reminded of the infinite capacity of support, there are as many angels as there are number of stars in the universe.

Find solace knowing that in any struggle or challenge there is a hidden opportunity to discover our own innate capacity to help and heal and be helped and be healed.

The power of the human heart is infinitely brighter than the brightest of suns in the cosmic sky.

Look beyond and look within.

You are the angel. Every last one of us.

This is a time for each of us to step up to our Divine destiny and gifts.

This is the time to live an inspired life.

The world is crowded with angels.
I love you

Ps artwork by nitika bhatnagar

Author: Brown Knight

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