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Staying in the moment

I often talk about being in the moment and trying to stay focused on simply being present. By this I am referring to being in the moment and not judging the moment as either good or bad. It is quite common to try to add emotional adjectives to describe it such as ” I am tired or exhausted…..” or “I am happy doing …..”

You see the problem with being too polarized and elated in the moment is that it distracts from staying on point. It is is easy to be doing something worthwhile and then thoughts of ” I am happy and doing so well at this task” come in and throw you off. This happens to me fairly frequently, so I attempt at staying neutral to maintain focus.

When we feel exhausted and tired and complain about it while ” being in the moment” we are actually no longer in the moment and by negatively describing it we are dismissing the moment and distancing ourselves from it. Very soon we are no longer in the moment yet again.

Balance comes from seeing the advantage and disadvantage of all moments and being fully satiated by being present. This does not mean you are a robot or emotionless, far from it. In fact by seeing both sides of any situation spontaneously keeps us leveled and ready to face each moment with passion, gusto and focus.

Certainly I do not recommend just not venting, as this a very important and necessary step too. So how can you maintain neutrality if you being asked to not say anything about the moment yet at the same time vent? Good question. Answer simple. Vent if you must, yet also provide a solution at the same time to your frustration. Example. ” I hate the way my job is going today, I cant get anything done with all these interruptions.” ( vented. )Though this is a negative description and it may appear that you are distancing yourself from the moment while trying to be in the moment, add a qualifying solution. ” I am frustrated but I will dedicate a certain amount of time to remain undisturbed so I can get my work done, in 30 min increments”

Then check in how you feel with your qualifying statement. Same thing if overtly positive. ” I am doing awesome during this run, I am so happy.” Quickly you will find a reason to be out of the moment and get tired. So add a statement ” I may be doing well, yet I must pace myself for the remaining mileage.” This will keep you focused.

Staying balanced in the moment is hard work, not impossible.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight


  1. These are very good tips! I will use them ! Thanks a lot

  2. Thank you for the mindful advice.

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