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Fear of the unknown

There are times when we live our lives in fear of the unknown and so our imaginations run wild with ideas of either grandeur or despair. We are torn like a pendulum from one to the other, forever missing staying in the center point as we are carried away by our momentum of our daily habits, chores, and exaggerations of experiences in our work life, home life and relationships. We manage to push away emotional wounds, unresolved guilt and shame and allow deep rooted fears to fester.
Yet when we take the time to shed light upon these fantasies and nightmares of our imagination we discover they hold a lot less power over us than we may have perceived. Just as we shed light on our environments from a swinging lamp we shed light intermittently upon the shadows of our minds yet never completely. It is only when the lamp is quietened and still, that we have an even dispersion of light on all surfaces of our environments and so too in our minds to grasp the complete picture.
The time to shine our own inner light all around us has come, so that we may truly see what we have hidden within the shadows of our minds. This is the unfolding of our heart space.
” To become truly balanced, is to see the motion within everything yet the stillness within, this is known as love”- Dr Nitin Bhatnagar
With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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