Archive: May 2017


Victims   Another voice is silenced in the night as weapons of destruction echo in the distance. Every minute of every day another voice is hushed and a light is snuffed out. There is always a natural order of birth and death and then at other times the balance is tipped and expedited by the […]
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#hashtags   We live in a world of a new language. The language of hashtags. Most of us are old enough to remember a world that existed before the advent of this form of communication.  Brief, abrupt and to the point. Punctuated by ” # ” and it immediately turns on our brain to communicate […]
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My tribe

My tribe     This has been an interesting word for me for the last few years. I suspect for you too. Social media, and fast paced culture has created this segregated focus of populous wherein the members adhere to their fellow cohorts and name themselves as part and parcel of a “tribe”. Artistic,
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