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Another voice is silenced in the night as weapons of destruction echo in the distance. Every minute of every day another voice is hushed and a light is snuffed out. There is always a natural order of birth and death and then at other times the balance is tipped and expedited by the impatience and ignorance of others.  

My heart goes out to the victims of these atrocities, the latest one in the UK. Musical joy is compounded by the drumming of exploding bombs and the cacophony of terror as yet another night was chalked up to a nightmare and horror for all concerned. I am equally heart felt to the families of the victims as they are the unfortunate byproduct of an unbalanced equation as they hold the denseness of the loss in their days to come. Much as we despise the perpetrators of hate crimes, there is still an important role for them to play as they first must violate all sense of humanity within, as they rip their once beautiful spirits into shreds when they usher into their criminal act. This heinous act springs forth from the very separation of themselves from a conscious collective. Their hatred for themselves  is so intense that it is a hatred for others that is then manifest. There lies yet another victim. The perpetrator is not to be hated, or pitied, yet sympathized. 
How can you say such a thing? Surely the criminal is to be hung by their boot straps for the hurt they have caused. Sympathy and compassion is not to be mistaken for leniency or pardon, but in fact it strives to serve justice in accordance with law more swiftly. Fires are not fought with fires, yet with water. Flow. Fires are extinguished never to return when overpowered with flowing water. So too is the case made for overpowering pure hate with pure love. For any who doubt this, it is because the judgement is coming from self hate and the mindsets and not from  unconditional love. When your vibrational frequency is at its highest, then there is no separation from you, me, and universal source. 
As we begin our shifts to a deeper understanding of ourselves and letting go of the idea of separateness we dissolve our prejudices, hate, anger, biases and clearly feel and see a better world. A world within that is then created on the outside. Naive? Hardly. It is our place, nay,  it is our divine responsibility to awaken each other to their true form, true purpose, once we awaken ourselves.  Impossible to retrain haters. Impossible to change someone’s point of view. Impossible to stamp out the evil doers. I have been surrounded by these post-its of reminders. 
Answers are simple. Haters can be retrained. I don’t have to change anyone’s viewpoint, I change my own. Evil doers are stamped out as they are shown a better future, and the seeds of compassion sown so long ago in everyone’s heart as a child is tended to grow into trees of love. How do you change the world? I have been plagued by this machevalient  question. Yet the answer remains again so simple. I change myself, and others will change. The key in all this is to transform each other and the world BEFORE the crime can be manifest. 
Love is infectious. That’s a disease worth catching. 


Author: Brown Knight

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