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This has been an interesting word for me for the last few years. I suspect for you too. Social media, and fast paced culture has created this segregated focus of populous wherein the members adhere to their fellow cohorts and name themselves as part and parcel of a “tribe”. Artistic, social, professional or personal are many subset categories of what eventually forms a collection of like minded, or like spirited individuals who come together for a certain goal. Let’s not forget that the concept orginated centuries and perhaps eons ago when humanity created similar pockets of other humans to survive. This was a sacred part of our history as we evolved. 
Since then till  now  it has  become more of  a fashion statement to belong to a tribe and use the influence of a few to alienate the many. We have gone from a deep bond of primal  connection to a superficial bond of social affluence. The stigmata of the new tribes are code words, tight circles, and exclusion of all that may not fit it. I bring this issue of tribal survival at a very critical time of our human existence. This is  a time of great shift both energetic and spiritual. The older ideas and definitions of “a tribe” are being dissolved and a new era of a tribe of One comes into existence. This is a tribe of unity and celebration of a collective consciousness. This is a time for individual tribes to come together, not remain apart. It is not in the separation that the tribes will survive but in the joining of hands. 
As part of our collective consciousness we are more in sync with each other’s consciousness and in fact are not as alone as we may have believed with our limited mindsets. It is in this belief of separation that we keep our individuality locked within the tribe, and then the tribe  locked within itself instead of seeking out help and connection with other tribes. 
Let me assure you that the cosmos is infinitely vast and is infinitely older than we think and the tribe that we seek membership in is present. This tribe is our collective consciousness of humanity and that of  our planet. We do not need to apply to this tribe, for we already are part of it. We do not need to perform any special rites to be included as we have already been accepted into it. We do  not need to sacrifice anything to join except let go of our scared timelines that hold us back. The hierarchy of our spirits and from whence we came is known and is becoming more acknowledged by those who remain awake. Yet the tribe is still ever present, ever all inclusive and ready to support you and me. The only ticket needed to join is the acceptance of the love within your heart and that of others. 
Your tribe is connected to  your vibrational frequency and you to it. Raise your frequency to a higher tone. The tone of unconditional love. Your eon long wait to belong and to survive has arrived. The tribe and the collective consciousness awaits your uniqueness to enhance its  magnificence. The essence of humanity is the tribe of One. The future awaits the marvels that this immensely powerful group can do. No buzz words, no pass codes, no secret handshakes and no enormous fees to join. Just the transparency of the heart, and the willingness of the present moment to unfold in your own heart and that of others is the key to realizing your and my membership.
Your tribe is my vibe. The vibe of love.


Author: Brown Knight

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