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We live in a world of a new language. The language of hashtags. Most of us are old enough to remember a world that existed before the advent of this form of communication.  Brief, abrupt and to the point. Punctuated by ” # ” and it immediately turns on our brain to communicate in this manner. Emotions, ideas, concepts, names are all linked without any flavor to the conversation. 
Imagine  I ask you ” how are you doing?” 
 #happyascanbe (happy as can be)  
#havenotsleptindays  (have not slept in days) 
Versus by verbal or other written communication :
 I am feeling bored or frustrated because…..
I am happy as can be because….
I have not slept in days because…
When we take the time to connect we can converse either verbally or in written language. The former being more “flavored” and energetic in transmission and so a dialogue is conducted between two or more people. When we use abrupt #….  we are shortchanging much of our communication abilities to eventually minimize or even minimalize the subject matter that may have been so needed to be transmitted. 
Now take this one step further. When we infuse the language of love into a conversation, the flavor is changed exponentially. Verbally or written communication expands and time becomes more expansive during the conversation. The details are unfolded, and time is taken to explore. When we choose to transmit from our heart space and then voluntarily activate that heart center, our whole vocabulary of words surrounds our bodies to encompass arm motion, eye glances, mouth expressions. #alllostinhashtags (all lost in hash tags!!)
Technology may have sped up our ability to access, and communicate globally, and with the creation of “tech slangs” and tech logos made things easier, yet the quality of the communication leaves much to be learned and improved upon.
life begins in the heart and not after a hashtag. 
Spend more time wording your thoughts out, as that time is needed to infuse your important message into words from a space of a quieted mind and heart, even if it is a few more seconds. In conversation that could be a few minutes to hours but that means a lot more can be said, expressed, learned and communicated.
i love you


Author: Brown Knight

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