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Opposites attract

Opposites Attract

Throughout the universe we have innumerable examples of polarities of objects, forces and energies, all of which have their exact opposite. A positive for a negative, light and dark, male and female, big and small, hot and cold, up and down, right and left and so the list goes on. Yet there are plenty of examples of circumstances that come into our lives, some of whom we are most displeased about. It is to this phenomenon  I have tried to explore and shed some understanding.
Sickness affects everyone, and no one is spared. Yet it is in sickness that only then we can appreciate the qualities of good health . We cry over anything that does not go our way, yet we are overjoyed and elated when things do. When we fall it hurts, only to learn to stand up once again. We are filled with sadness when our hearts are heavy, and happy when our  hearts are lightened. We are afraid of the darkness, and bold when we are in the middle of the light. We look for weaknesses in others, when it is the strength within that we truly seek. We are tortured by the cold only to hope that winter ends bringing warmer and hotter days.
The issue in my opinion is not about one or the other. I feel it is more about seeking out the balance and the equanimity that brings out the peace and serenity and the eventual indifference to the polarity. That is where the awakening occurs. The negative influence is extremely important so that we can then appreciate the opposite effect, else how could we define one without the other.  You cannot understand life without its equal share of death. How can you possibly fathom the concept of love without the feelings of animosity and of hate . We cannot understand the ideas of sorrow and loss with out the defining moments of happiness and gain. When one comes to the steady state of uniformity and non judgement of either side of any force or emotion, then we actually let go. When this happens we are on the road to bliss. Notice I did not say the destination of bliss, as every time you come to a steady state, there will be something that rears its head to slap us on the wrist and bring down our ego a notch or two so we reevaluate our positions.
When we face a major disappointment, it is usually vindicated by a success. When we are cut off in traffic by a speedy car, that is when we learn the concept of respecting others. Faced with a struggle, it is only the sweet taste of victory that defines this term. If you see a child trying to learn how to walk for the first time, and note the tough times he or she has to understand the concepts of balance and gravity, is when you yourself appreciate patience. Frustration with co workers or family members who do not follow your thought pearls is in dichotomy with the opposite of when you accept them for who they are and what they  are trying to express. Letting go of an idea that has been festering within you like a thorn in the side, is as liberating as welcoming a more positive notion into your heart.
The beauty of the system is in its simplicity. Opposites attract. Both directional opposites do come together and enable the understanding to unfold, the experience to manifest and the awareness to permeate your consciousness, allowing your own personal evolution. It is said we come into this world crying while everyone around us are laughing. So too should we not leave this world laughing while everyone around us crying? The irony of opposites here is that we have touched more souls with our existence than we care to count, yet do we bother to count how many souls touch our lives on a daily basis. Do we even realize or are aware of the number of opposites that we face at each moment, each day and each year as we race through our lives without ever touching that trophy of tranquil balance.
Feeling blue on a rainy day? How do you feel when the sun comes out?


Author: Brown Knight

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  1. thich nhat hanh says "when we have a toothache we know that not having a toothache is heaven" – but how often do we appreciate that?

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