Archive: May 2015

Opposites attract

Opposites Attract Throughout the universe we have innumerable examples of polarities of objects, forces and energies, all of which have their exact opposite. A positive for a negative, light and dark, male and female, big and small, hot and cold, up and down, right and left and so the list goes on. Yet there are
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Being a lightning rod

Being a lightning rod Lightning, natures swift sword is  wielded without prejudice on anything that is big or small, tall or short, in an open or closed space, regardless of consequence. It is created by polarity of charged particles positive to negative and the literature is filled with examples of lightning
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Pulling weeds

Pulling weeds Out in the garden  early on a Saturday morning before the sun’s blaze gets me down, I am out there pulling weeds. Some are easily removed with a single tug, and others are quite desperately lodged that require considerable effort. By the end of my tour of duty in the battle of the weeds, I […]
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