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Being a lightning rod

Being a lightning rod

Lightning, natures swift sword is  wielded without prejudice on anything that is big or small, tall or short, in an open or closed space, regardless of consequence. It is created by polarity of charged particles positive to negative and the literature is filled with examples of lightning striking more than once despite the rumors to the contrary. It is quite the show as the lightning brightens up the night sky with its awesome terrifying spectacle.
Lightning strikes are very much akin to the negativity that we experience as fiery bolts of  anger, hate, jealousy spew out from us in forms of bad thoughts, ill  speech and consequential bad actions. Darting about as quick and as powerful as lightning, our reactions hurt others quickly and fiercely. Similarly we find ourselves the recipients of similar strikes when we have negative thoughts and then get overcome with feelings of guilt, despair and  hatred. We are struck by these emotions and respond in kind. We become the lightning rod for negativity. With out the use of proper grounding tools lightning will prove to us that it does not in fact” not strike  twice” as we continue to get bombarded with these bolts of negativity. 
Dedicated daily  meditation enables the grounding of oneself in humility, patience, and resolution such that we have the fortitude to not be destroyed by the negative impulses that come our way when we are in the unfortunate path of someone else’s aim of fire. Lightning occurs randomly even though it appears almost pattern like, as it is always looking to ground itself. So too is the shout out of negativity in its innumerable forms reaching a destination into the recipient. One must develop the grounding rod mentality and be within total peace and calm so if the lightning rod of negativity does hit, it is immediately dispersed away leaving no residual bad energy to enable ill effects. If your grounding rod is full of positive energy then you might be able to in fact repel the lightning altogether since positive to positive charged particles do not conduct any current be it electrical, spiritual or emotional in nature.
Many a time the physical rod is sold in the market with a guarantee and warranty up to a certain wattage and up to a certain financial burden cost in case of damage. The more the cost of these rods the more likely the better insurance they provide, ergo the more likely the protection they offer. So if one is able keep a positive attitude and keep oneself in a state of positivity with grounding of one’s Self, you are less likely to sustain damage nor require the use of the insurance policy in the form of your emotionally drained currency. 
How sturdy is your lightning rod? Are you insured?


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