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Wearing sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses

The sun shines  on a non cloudy day with unhindered brightness. You put on your cool polarized sun glasses and give your eyes the much needed shade. You look at things through your glasses very differently. If you turn your head from side to side while focussing on some lcd screens you may find that an interesting illusion occurs. Objects on the screen appear and disappear depending on the direction you move your head ergo your glasses. This phenomenon is understood due to the simple physics of the polarized glasses in that as light is essentially blocked in one plane or the next depending on the angle of the glasses. This got me thinking….
All too often we exist within our lives with out ever living as we are always wearing these shades over our eyes. We do not and sometimes cannot see the goodness and the beauty surrounding us through nature, through mankind, and certainly cannot appreciate our own reflection of perfection that we choose to ignore. After a while we are so used to seeing everything through these shades that our brains, our  minds and our hearts forget that we have become polarized and biased in what ever we see. We turn a blind eye to injustice, lying, greed, jealousy and then live in a field of negativity, totally unaware of our situation. The darkened sensitivity becomes the norm, and we then blend with the darker shades of light and become jaded right into our core. We are unable to see the lighter side of things. We are unable to appreciate the positivity, the warmth of natures beauty, or the genuineness of others. If everyone just roamed around with their sunglasses on at all times of the day, well who is left to testify that there is light to be seen.
With these polarized glasses and reduced vision we are easily swayed and lose perspective and believe that everyones’ intentions are also flawed and in error, and that is when the ego comes in to tell us that we are right and that only our individual pair of branded sunglasses are the correct vision glasses. We dwell in the negativity of what we believe we see, and so lose hope, encouragement and revel in the land of unfulfilled dreams. By catching yourself off guard, you can tilt your head just enough to realize the illusion. By becoming aware of the moment you then have the ability to gently take off your glasses and take in the light. At first you shun away from the intensity of the sunlight with your hands, as you realize that the world you are living in has been a falsehood. Too much to bear you almost put the glasses back on hoping to fall back into  your comfortable world of polar opposites. Yet something inside tells you to stop and give the light a chance. That something is You. The spirit, the soul or your inner Self.  Call it what you will, but it is the same stuff as the Universal light  that is always shining bright. Soon you bask in the sunlight and take it all in. The goodness, the love, the happiness, the joy, the peace and the strength all embedded in this light enables us to move forward. So again in a non cloudy day the sun shines bright uninterrupted all around us. The question is really whether you are willing to accommodate to the brightness around you and within you, and allow the positivity embrace you and hence you radiate it back out, or are you more apt to put your polarized designer sun glasses back on and live in the drudgery of your day.
Are you too cool for shades?


Author: Brown Knight

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