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Wearing sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses The sun shines  on a non cloudy day with unhindered brightness. You put on your cool polarized sun glasses and give your eyes the much needed shade. You look at things through your glasses very differently. If you turn your head from side to side while focussing on some lcd screens you may […]
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Shuffling your deck of cards

Shuffling your deck of cards As you open a fresh pack the newness of the cards is known. You shuffle, you cut, you spread them out across from you  in a straight line. There are multiple shuffling techniques enabling the randomness to be distributed within the deck. You play whichever card game you wish with […]
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Enjoying the rose garden

Enjoying the Rose garden The gardeners among us or at least those with a green thumb love to spend their precious time on the knees, hands covered with dirt and connecting with nature. No garden is really complete without a rose garden. Roses are beautiful not only for their variety of colors but also their […]
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Everything in moderation

Everything in moderation     “Water in moderation never killed anyone”-Mark Twain.  One of my favorite quotes. Water is so powerful that its power can never truly be harnessed, yet it travels gently in streams and with tumultuous force in water falls and in storms. We are always rearing to go.
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