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Shuffling your deck of cards

Shuffling your deck of cards

As you open a fresh pack the newness of the cards is known. You shuffle, you cut, you spread them out across from you  in a straight line. There are multiple shuffling techniques enabling the randomness to be distributed within the deck. You play whichever card game you wish with the hope of winning, but of course.  Playing a game of cards is the same as playing the game in life. The cards represent each possibility of a choice that you make. Do you give away and replace cards in poker, or do you add cards till you ‘bust” in the game of 21. Every card has an equal chance in getting you to your next level of achievement. The key is not necessarily knowing the cards but using them in the right sequence as a means to an end. There are those professional card players who will reluctantly tell you that the secret of the game is not playing your set of cards but instead playing that of your opponents’ hand. In life this too applies.
Each card is a chance at an opportunity or an experience that you can have. Each card like the experience is unique and can lead to a different sequence and eventual shift in your game or consciousness. Each card or card game can be viewed as the individual lives of all of the people around you and not just pertaining to you. There are so many cards in the deck and each one as important as the next. Each person or each card has its own value and their own future plans as they get shuffled in the deck or world with all the other people in it. You can either look at the deck of cards as yours with each card for you, or that you are just another card. Sometimes trusting the dealer is just as important as trusting the hand you are dealt. The dealer namely God, the universe or life, distributes the cards of your experiences or distributes everyone represented as a card in a cosmic deck with fairness. Which card you pick and how you “gamble” the choices is up to you.
 Just remember the “house” always wins. By that I mean that the universal mind will always win at the game of life to bring happiness, peace and joy and stability to the game. You may lose if not paying attention to the game and get upset at your dealt hand and blame the Dealer yet it is not the dealer’s fault of the outcome of the game when it is your game that you are playing. My suggestion would be not to try to cheat the game,  but instead play your own hand with fairness and being aware of the moment, and by playing your cards right you are in fact playing your opponent which in many cases is the “house”
Enjoying the game and not gambling off your prize possessions and qualities of integrity, honesty, truth and character as bargaining chips helps you to stay in the game and select the appropriate card instinctively ensuring your own winning streak.  How good you are in which ever game you decide to play depends on practice, and so this practice needs patience, steadfastness and of course mindfulness. With the right focus, leads to awareness, attention to details and correct hands of cards that lead to the “full house” for a successful and winning game.
Pick a card, any card and have the greatest game of your life.


Author: Brown Knight

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