During the recent solar eclipse the world was in a frenzy.


Millions were obsessed with viewing this celestial event each for their own reasons.. the hype was enormous as everyone raced to acquire special glasses and travel to predestined spots along the path of the moon’s shadow upon the earth.


I did too. I spent time in meditation before, during and after the event. I intently watched the moon as it crossed the sun’s face. The temperature dropped, the surroundings darkened and the mosquitos came out..


Night was day and day was night. Nature behaved as it was meant to.


We all looked up and I thought of something as I was feeling contemplative.


We were keenly focused on our little moon revoking the sun’s privilege to shine yet while we observed this one small satellite, how insignificant was this when compared to the movement of our solar system amongst the billions of stars in our galaxy….


How tiny is our moon in comparison to the sun… how infinitely small is our galaxy compared to the near endless galaxies in our universe.


How puny is our universe in comparison to the multidimensional scale. Like grains of sand on a beach.


As we observe our moon or sun or the stars at night, it is wise to keep into perspective how truly insignificant we are to the back drop of infinite universes. Too hard to comprehend ?


Well so too are all our troubles that we make as huge obstacles in our lives each day, preventing us from living our inspired destinies, fulfilling our paths of purpose. It is wise to stay focused on our goals and keep our vision not on an eclipse that represents our challenges but on the sun behind that is the true mission of our lives as we endeavor to each become light


You are not the moon, but a stellar sun in the making


Stay blessed and bright each day by being YOU. Never be second place at being someone else, be first place by being your authentic Self


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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