Welcome to the new MASTERCLASS from your Holistic Cardiologist


The Science of MEDITATION


Curious how to quieten your mind noise?


Wonder what the voodoo of new agey meditation is all about?


Imagined your life to be less chaotic?


Want to find a greater version of yourself


Want to feel better?


Come join me then……


I will teach you:


The science behind meditation..and there is a science!


How can meditation help you heal your body


How you can quieten that mental noise to drop into your body


How you can use meditation as a practical tool to improve your heart


We will practice lots of techniques as well


Come join me as we explore the deeper mysteries of the mind and its connection to influence our body and our lives


Date saturday April 6th ,2024 9am EDT

Location: Zoom

Cost $100

Time approx 2hours


Interested in upleveling your life? Or learning something new?


Message, or email me


With blessings of Love Light and Wisdom


Dr Nitin Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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