Welcome to the Worm full moon.


Originally named for the early part of spring as the worms return to the surface to toil the soil and break the inertia of the once frozen earth. So too this full moon provides lumination to the deepest rooted emotions and triggers from the prior shadowy season.


There is a beautiful dance between the sacred masculine and feminine in this luminesce as the sense of self is born out for a more spiritual connection of the self to love.


It is an invitation for each of us to explore our own sacred journey back to self love.


To this end I have manifested a powerful invocation to explore these depths of mystery and magic.


Sit quietly and repeat 3x. Relax and enjoy the auric fields that surround us as they interact with the energies of this magnificent moon and unearth the residual shadows that await healing.


“ I am the magic that I seek


I bring forth essence of the light back into my being


I am the incarnation of love


I let go of all that no longer serves my highest purpose


I am the embodiment of love in human form


I am love


I am truth


I am that I am “




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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