We love to search the internet. We use it as our peripheral brains. At the drop of a hat we will hop to the World Wide Web in search for answers. At times we react instinctively and search. It is like an impulse at the end of our nervous system as our inquiring minds type the words into the search engine box. There is an endless plethora of questions that we ask of the internet, as vast as our inquisitive imagination will dare to take us.Nothing is restricted as a child thrusts for understanding with his or her array of enquiring sentences.


WHAT is this rash? We ask of dr google


WHERE is the Italian restaurant ?


HOW to change a tire?


WHY is the sky blue?


WHAT was that song I once heard In a movie?


Yet we are always searching outside for the answers, but forget to find the answers within. It stems from asking the right questions that determines the quality of our reality.


WHO am I?


WHERE did I come from?


WHY am I here?


HOW do I live a purposeful life?


WHERE am I going ?


It is when we choose to ask these deeper questions, the answers we seek are found within, not outside of us. These questions invite us to unlock the doors of our hearts that hold all the wisdom of the universe.


The answers lie outside the realm of the material and outside the quanta of time, for they are more than just answers, for they are the state of being. The internet though a vast repository of knowledge indeed, can only still all fit into one grain of sand when compared to the reservoir of infinite light of information that we are asked to convert into wisdom through the super computers of our DNA and cells.


Offer the universe the right keys to turn the locks of our minds to only find that we are who we have always been. Love.


Who are we? Love


Where did we come from? Love


Why are we here? To experience Love.


Where are we going? To return to Love


How do we live a purposeful life? In Love.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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