Heart is indeed grateful for the lovely feedback to the latest Masterclass


THE Rise and Fall of blood pressure.


We explored you understanding of blood pressure and then widened the depths of traditional medicine as well as alternative healing modalities


Here are some of what the participants thought :


“My brain is just full of new information”


“I think the class was well balanced with a sufficient description behind the differing treatment approach”.


” Thank you….lots of tools to help lower my blood pressure.”


“The first class in the master series as led by Dr. Bhatnagar was extremely beneficial to me as I looked to broaden my horizon outside of the treatment approach I am most familiar with as a clinical pharmacist. Dr. Bhatnagar offered a well balanced program by providing information around the role of western medicine while simultaneously giving insight into how complementary and alternative medicine can have an overlapping role in the management of health outcomes. Based on the information gathered from the first class, I am looking forward to the next class offered in the master series. Well done Dr. Bhatnagar! ”


The feedback was definitely appreciated…


Stay tuned for the next masterclass February 24th you are going to love this topic…


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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