This is the new improved version of Santa.


Santa realized that for centuries he has unnecessarily been rushing around and overeating snacks at everyone house all in one night.


He realized that his health was in jeopardy if he did not modulate his eating and get more exercise.


This is the season where sweets, pastries are abound and the festivities can get people carried away with their emotions and over indulgence in spending and excess food leaves them ill and in dire need to make resolutions for the following year.


Santa now watches his carb intake, his portions and the timing of when he eats based on hunger and not emotion.


Santa exercises 5 times a week and varies his routing with aerobic and weights, splattered with stretching and appropriately designed warm ups.


Santa spends a minimum of 20 minutes a day on self gratitude journaling and meditation


Living is not about simply darting around all day at work, eating junk food and being so caught up with life’s challenges that we neglect ourselves, which leads to neglect of others around us.


Functional living is about conscious and functional nutrition, frequent varied exercise, regulating emotions with different experiences, practicing mindfulness, letting go of self limiting beliefs.


How does one start functional living?


Gratitude is one of the fastest way to begin this shift to get back to center that diversifies in functional living.


Santa looks forward to a more productive, efficient, and healthy year ahead that began with self love and self care.


Santa can now spread more love to everyone around him now that he has found his center of balance in his life through functional living.


Try it this season and ring in the new year with even more love.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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