Welcome to the magic of the winter solstice. Dec 21 is the shortest day of the year and the beginning of the Winter season. Light begins to grow and the dark begins to recede as gentle tides in a cosmic dance and we witness this on the shores of our solar system.


Each day is extraordinary as we explore the gifts that unfold.


A powerful time for this Solstice gateway to open up and flood us with energetic transmissions and potent upgrades to our crystalline DNA. This is a time of zero point energy that connects us to our Galactic Center. The energies ripple throughout the collective field of all quantum possibilities. The Solstice is when we move between the cycles, there is a stillness when the sun stands still between light and dark, the zero point of all creation. We confront our past and embrace our future as we awaken to a higher consciousness.


In this great conjunction of the planetary alignment we are invited to let go and dissolve our inner wounds and rebalance ourselves as we propel into the next level of up level and shifting. Cosmically there is tremendous energy that is available to us to assist us in this transition process as we integrate all timelines and looping habit patterns.


12 21 (dec 21) are mirror numbers that at a quantum level are the opposites of light and dark, past and future, inner and outer. All shadows are to be met with light and integrated. There are no quick fixes in the ascension process and we each are to face our inner demons, shadows, wounds, and heal them from within not with outward show and voice but with deep work and gratitude.


We each feel these vibrational transitions as we connect to our planetary field. There is magnificent potential during these transformational gateways. Here is a short invocation I have prepared to help you harness this divine moment. Sit comfortably and focus on your breathing. The repeat x101 times


“ I surrender to the Holy Quintessence


I am Light Divine


I am Love


I integrate all my past experiences into this moment


I let go of all that no longer serves


I heal all wounds across all ancestral timelines, all lifetimes, in all dimensions


I welcome the new age of light to guide my path to my Divine purpose


I breathe in Light and breathe out Love


i am that I am


I am Love”


Happy Winter Solstice. Enjoy the magic




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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