We often do not talk about the new moon, after all what is there to see in the night sky? Nothing. There is no visible moon. Yet the influence of this moon phase undoubtedly is felt by all. The darkness of the new moon is a call for self reflection and exploration into the unseen parts of ourselves. In the rush of our daily lives, we exist in the eternal and overlook the temperature of our internal environment.


As we scramble towards the end of 2023, trying to tie up all our perceived loose ends in our lives, we are also invited to untie the knots that lie within. It is not as much about jumping ahead into the new year but reflecting back at all the lessons of this year, and then with clarity gathering momentum to be able to launch in with renewed energies and momentum. It is a time for healing.


How do new moons occur? When the moon is on the same side of the earth as the sun, pointing its lunar Shadow toward the Earth it appears to be invisible.


Here are a few Tips to bring in the power of the new moon into our lives. Spend some time journaling and exploring what lies at he depth of the desires of our hearts, by bringing quiet intention. Walking mindfully in nature. Inhale and exhale deeply yet slowly. The key here is to allow the passage of time as we breathe through our nostrils.


The new moon affords us the opportunity to bring attention to our intentions through a deliberate pause in the rhythms of our life’s ablutions.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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