It is what we use to trade goods and services….. we seem to always chase this commodity. It is what we use define our self worth through acquisition. It is the currency of our modern world


But what if it wasnt….what if the currency was time. What if we could buy and sell services by donating or acquiring time… minutes.. hours… days.. weeks etc..


We may discover that the most precious thing that we truly have that continues to escape us is time.. we cannot truly hold on to it.. it slips through our fingers faster than money…


Money is an illusion and so is time… both are traded from those who value it the least to those who value it the most…


As we age we find that there is less value for money and more for time…


Time is the ultimate natural currency of the universe. We can use time to create true value in our lives through experiences that Money cannot afford


One can be the richest person in the world yet run out of time at their death bed..


It is wise to not waste time with distractions that suck one’s life away.. just as one wastes Money on emotional purchases… however by using time effectively we live our most on purpose life and unlock our potentials


The more we stay present and in a state of love from our heart space, the more we feel the slowing of time… the more we remain in our heads.. the faster it vanishes.


My favorite quote…”Time is an illusion.. lunch time doubly so”


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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