There are times when I feel incredibly stuck. I cant seem to see my next path of progress or I can’t get myself to move forward. I cant get my self unstuck.


It can be whether I am trying to learn some material while studying.


It can be whether I am not able to learn a progression for a particular Crossfit movement or stuck not being able to raise the weights on a particular lift.


It can be whether I am not able to communicate with my kids.


IT can be in anything. STUCK. and being STUCK sucks.


Why do we get stuck at times? It can be that we are not ready to move on to the next step up till we have processed and progressed the level we are in. Perhaps there are things that need to be integrated and understood at that level. For example being “stuck in a marriage” or being ” stuck in a job”


Till we are in gratitude for the level we are in, we will not be given the keys to unlock the next level. ( kinda like an arcade game.)


Till we have learned what we need to at that level and digest the lesson, we wont move forward.


So again what keeps us stuck?


Habit patterns. There are times when we are looping old habit patterns and even older programming.


Programming in my mind such as ” I am too small I cant lift that heavy… ” or what people have told me ” Oh you are not going to be some champion athlete dont bother” or ” The kids have to do it my ways or the highway” or ” The only way to learn this material is memorize it…” etc.


Replacing the programming and old habits are the action steps to move forward.


Identifying what the pattern is that is holding us back is paramount. Then rewording it and altering the phrases is the next step.


Gratitude, identifying pattern, altering pattern, replacing pattern, and repeating new pattern as a habit are the steps for forward motion.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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